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Internet Marketing Tips For Small Business

Press Release For Your Small Business

When you hear the words “Press Release” it naturally reminds you of newspapers and getting pertinent information to a reporter so they can share the scoop! The info then rushes off to the presses and by morning, readers get to read the editorial on the leading stories of the day.

Similarly, a press release can get the word out about your business and you can release the information to various news sites.

So, what exactly is a press release?

Pretty simple, really. It’s a document you put together that contains the necessary information about your business (or whatever event information you would like released to the public) with the following headings:

  • Contact Information
  • Headline
  • Paragraph: Why this news is important.
  • Background info on your business (inform about the product or service)
  • The purpose of your business, how readers can learn more, how to contact you or visit your website.
  • Brief company description – a rundown of the products and services.

If you’re not sure how to put something like this together, a quick search online will help provide some templates and example. But first, make sure you’ve gathered the details about your business so that you are sure about what you’d like people to know about your business.

For example, if you just opened up a hair salon and barber shop, you want people to know important information about what you specialize in such as hair coloring and highlighting, young children’s hair cuts, or hair treatments. You want them to know where you are located, when you are holding your Grand Opening, and what you have to offer to new clients (something that will make them want to visit you immediately).

That’s just a suggestion, of course.

For your Internet-based business, you can do something similar. Let your audience know when you launch and what you will have to offer. The press release will grab the attention of the people you’d most like to have as clients.

We’ll share more information about press releases in our next blog update so you can learn WHERE to submit them and HOW to get them written.

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