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How Pinterest Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

Pinterest isn’t a brand new social networking site. It has been around for over two years. However, it has taken off in the last few months in a big way.

Pinterest is an image-based social networking site that connects people based on shared interests and captivating images. People post photos or videos, called pins, to their boards. People then can re-pin or like what other people have posted.

What makes Pinterest so useful for generating traffic to your website or blog is what happens when people click on pins that they like. When you click on a pin, you are taken to the pin’s source–the blog or website that the image was posted from.

Pinterest is growing in popularity, currently ranked at #16 in the USA and #66 in the world. That popularity leads to an incredible amount of referral links, more than Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.

Cultivating a successful Pinterest profile means appealing to the Pinterest user with compelling images. As with most social media, Pinterest was adopted early by women between the ages of 25 and 44. These are an ideal audience, as they are eager to share and re-share the things that they find fascinating or useful, or what they simply enjoy.

By maintaining several boards tailored to what you wish to share, and sharing your best blog posts or products, you can see an almost immediate surge in traffic from Pinterest.

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