3 Easy Ways To Get High Rankings On Google


Some people might think there is a “fast magic formula” for getting high rankings with the search engines.  Well, there isn’t.  You see, the fact is you have to implement certain organic search strategies to increase your search results.  And even then, there is no guarantee that any one strategy or a certain combination of different strategies will give you high rankings within Google fast.  You see, search engine optimization, or SEO, can be a long process.

You can’t just jump blindly into developing your search engine ranking…  If you do, then, you will never succeed.  The solution?  You have to know the basics of SEO.

You see, the long process of search engine optimization is a combination of optimizing your website content for human readers and search engine spider robots, creating link and backlink strategies and the ability to identify the value of those links.

But that’s not all.  Awesome SEO is, also, the ability to go with the flow of new online technology and make the changes needed to keep high rankings.  You see, the search engines are constantly updating and revising their search algorithm…  This is the algorithm in which they “rank” website pages.

Therefore, to become a good SEOer and to reach the top 10 ranking on Google and other search engines for your website, you have to make yourself aware of those revised changes the search engines make.  You have to adopt new methods which will increase your changes of getting high rankings within the search engines, however, the basics should never be forgotten.

The three most important ways to get high rankings with Google:

Website Page Optimization

Search engine optimization is the combination of multiple different facets.  One of the most important facets, and the one you should start with, is the optimization of your website content.

For instance, let’s say you have a website all about dogs and dog training.  You want to get high rankings within the search engines for the keyword “dog training”…  So, you begin to write blog post after blog post which deals with dog training.

The idea is to include the keyword “dog training” strategically within your posts and your website.  So, you put the keyword into your title: “Do it yourself dog training techniques that really work!”

Now it’s time to start writing the “body” of the article.  So, you begin to write your blog post and include your keyword (dog training) within the body of the article where it would naturally be.  In example, “There are a number of dog training schools out there which will cost you hundreds of dollars, but this article will reveal the simple dog training techniques that they use…  And best part?  You can do it yourself from home.”

The Google robot will scan your article, and it will pick up that “dog training” is an important word.  Why?  Because it is being used in your title, H2 tags, strategically throughout your copy, your descriptive tags and so forth.

The optimization of your website is a science, and the ability to know what to optimize, how much to do it, and where to do it comes with experience.  But the idea is to continue producing quality articles that your readers AND the search bots will love.

And don’t stop with one “dog training” article.  Write a few.  You never know which one will get the highest ranking within Google.

The Art of Linking

The proper building of quality links will give your website a good change of high rankings immediately.  You see, the purpose of a search engine is to give it’s searchers relevant websites based upon what they searched for.

But determining the relevancy of a website has become difficult these days.  You see, back in the old days one relied on the website creator to tell the search engines what the website was about via meta-tags.  Well, that was okay for the early days of the Internet, but today you have too many crooks that want to lie about what their website is about JUST so they can get a high ranking within the search engines.

Smart search engines, like Google, have developed a relevancy ranking system.  How?  Well, it’s based off the website which you link to and the websites that link back to you.

The idea is that if you link to a website it should be relevant to your own website.  And if a website links to you, then, that website is saying to Google… This website is of interest to my readers, therefore, it’s relevant to what my website is about.

So, if you can build quality backlinks which are relevant to your website that have decent PageRank, then, you will begin to see some higher rankings within the search engines…  In fact, you might just reach the top 10 ranking list.

The Social Us

The whole idea of the Internet was to connect people with one another, and no other online technology has done a better job than social media platforms, like Facebook.

There was a time when only you and other website owners would determine the relevancy of a website, but no more.  Search engines are now taking the advice of social users as to whether or not content is quality and relevant.

For example, Google has just recently launched Google+, a new social network.  Google Search uses the “likes”, “shares” and “recommendations” of it’s Google+ users to make it’s search experience social and more relevant.

Now, you will begin to see websites your friends like and recommend within the top 10 ranking when you do a Google search.  So, you need to get involved in Social SEO.

But what if all this goes over you head?  You could spend years traversing a learning curve, and spend thousands of dollars trying different SEO techniques before you found what really works.  Why do that?

Here’s what you should do.  Hire a professional SEO company.  These companies will perform website SEO services which will get you high rankings within Google fast…  And you can do what you do best — run your business.

So, what are you waiting for?  Put the above into action today and contact us to find out about our variety of SEO services (Search Engine Optimization Services)!